About Us

Opportunities for the integration of formal and non-formal learning with Practical Experience


    In the present context Global Institute Academia is striving to acquire a place in the arena of Distance Education through Technology while holding a pioneering status in India. The Institute offers Undergraduate Programs, Postgraduate programs, Diploma programs, and Doctorates in various Disciplines.


    The Research faculties of the University offering doctorate degrees have highly qualified professionals, trained in specialized areas with several of them holding Post Graduate degrees & Doctoral Degrees from universities abroad. In all of the above, the institute helps the young and old without coercion or compulsion to deepen their commitment to a life of service by means of presentation through teaching. Students enrolled in the academic programs are exposed to various technical training, which enables them to develop skills in their respective field. The Institute keeps the students informed about potential job opportunities and helps them in making prudent decisions for their future careers. It maintains and promotes close linkages and active contact with potential employers both National and Multinational. The University also strives to prepare it’s students to take their desired places in their field of career.

    The Institute upholds and strives to achieve the following:

    Responsible stewardship of the environment and its resources.

    Sustainable Development

    Linkage of Learning and Research to the needs and life of the people

    National Unity and Communal Harmony

    • To conduct and manage the affairs of Institute

    • To promote and provide instruction and training in areas of Distance Education

    • Opportunities for the integration of formal and non-formal learning with practical experience in relevant fields

    • To serve and work towards the improvement and development of Human Living

    • To provide opportunities for education and learning

    • To provide and promote instruction and training in such branches of learning as the Society may deem appropriate

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